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Belga MC

Since childhood, I’ve dreamt of becoming a media personality. This aspiration began as playful mimicry of journalists and presenters in front of a mirror in my mother’s bedroom. I’ve been blessed to turn this childhood fantasy into reality, now co-hosting the Evening Switch alongside Smile Omutagwenda on Crooze, my very first radio station. You can tune in to our show every weekday from 4 PM to 7 PM.

Radio is a passion that feels like a dream fulfilled. It’s a platform where I connect with others, not just through the airwaves but in a manner that feels almost divine, answering my prayers for a career in both audio and visual media.

Beyond the studio, I thrive on social connections, enjoying time with friends and exploring the digital world. My greatest asset is my voice, distinctive and resonant, earning me the playful title of ‘best voice on radio.’

Join me live each weekday, Monday through Friday, on the Evening Switch with Smile Omutagwenda, and share in my ongoing journey through the world of radio.

Phone: 0752912912
Address: Ntare - Muti Lane, Mbarara.