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Mr. Brawn

Mr. Brawn
Artist Name
Mr Brawn
Born Date
April 18, 1984
Birth Place
Year activate
3 years

Mr. Brawn  Biography

When you listen to Mr Brawn on the Morning addiction, he cuts the figure of a tall huge arrogant guy that know his stuff and will not let you squeeze him into a corner on any day.

When you meet him for the 1st time, its exactly what you see, then when you sit down and have a chat with him, after a few cagey minutes, he is actually a nice smart guy.

Here is how my conversation with him went down.

Yoooo Your are a tall guy.

Yes i am….about 6.1

So you play Basketball? 

Usain Bolt is 6.2 and doesn’t know where the hoop is

True. How are doing man?


Every one has something they wish for, What is on your bucket list?
Owning a private jet

That’s Big Man

Dream small, grow old fast. dream big and the hustle is on

Which living person do you most admire, and why?
I don’t think I’m that kind of person that admires one person in particular, but I always look out for the best in different personalities. So I don’t have that one special person I admire.

Do you live by anything, A quote, theme or lifestyle?
I guess every one does,hmmmmm Push yourself harder each day, the sky is the limit. Typical quote. isn’t it.

Foot Ball, Dude, What foot ball team do you support?
I don’t like football.

You are joking? 

No chance. Its 11 Vs 11 grown men chasing a piece of leather pumped with air. It simply doesn’t make sense to me

The Ladies must Love you for that? 

Hahaha, Maybe. Besides work i am all hers

So what do you do in your spare time?

i have a simple interesting routine. i go Swimming, hit the Gym and sweat it off then Sauna then i wrap it up with a beer as i watch a movie. A club for your info

You cut the figure of an arrogant person, Are you Arrogant?
Bit of me is. I am more realistic person. The truth is always hard to take in and i don’t know how to hide it

Personal Advice to your Fans?
i Don’t compare myself to anybody, i always tell people not to. Be yourself in whatever you do and i believe that’s all it takes for one to make it to the top.

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